‘The Anatomy of the Horse’ sells for £2500

A beautiful, hard-backed, 2nd edition of ‘The Anatomy of the Horse’ by George Stubbs, in fine condition, has recently sold in Great Grooms for £2500 with the same buyer also purchasing a further copy for £350.

This classic book remains highly collectable and this is the twelfth edition that has now sold through Great Grooms, proving it’s continued popularity.

The first edition, published in London in 1766, was the first anatomical study of the horse since Carlo Ruini’s in 1598, but Stubbs are far more detailed and precise than Ruini’s woodcuts. The extraordinary Stubbs was both an artist and scientist, dissecting the horse himself in an isolated Lincolnshire farmhouse and making detailed drawings of what he saw. He took his drawings to engravers in London who found them difficult to interpret so Stubbs decided to make them himself. The results were so incredible that his book was the principal guide for veterinarians and painters for over a century.

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